2,000 racks, expandable up to 4,000 racks

60,000 sqft rack space, expandable up to 120,000 sqft rack space

100,000 sqft gross built area, expandable up to 200,000 sqft gross built area


Multistory G+4+Technical Roof

150 kg /sqft /1,500 kg/sqm load bearing slabs

16.4ft (5 m) Clearance Height Floor to Slab

31.5 inches (80 cm) raised access floor

Steel Reinforced Concrete Structure and Façade Panels


6 kW/rack on Day 1, expandable as per Client’s needs

Total IT Power 12 MW on Day 1, 18 MW total, expandable as per Client’s needs

N+1 Emergency Generators, with 48 hours fuel tanks guaranteed supply

N+1 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units


N+1 Air-Cooled chillers

N+1 Precision Air Conditioning CRAH units

Cold Aisle strategy

Leak detection

Fire Protection

VESDA System for early smoke detection

Fire supression with Novec inert gas in white space rooms, and sprinklers in ancillary areas

Compliant with NFPA requirements

Access Control and Physical Security

5 Layer Access Control

Biometric/Proximity Card Access Control

24×7 Security Staff

Compliant with TIA-942 & ISO 27000 requirements


Building Management System & DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management)

Ancillary Facilities

Fully Equipped Office Space

Conference Rooms

Meet-me Rooms

NOC Room

Staging Area

Work Lounge, Cafeteria & Vending Machines

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Sustainable

Design PUE of 1.5