We belong to a world that is enriched by values established by great human beings like Mahatma Gandhi, Ortega y Gasset, and many more. The world is full of traditions, culture and is built on human values and ethics, we are very proud to be part of this wonderful universe. We believe that is our duty to maintain this heritage of values, culture, ethics and humanity. The best way to preserve this is our unconditional commitment to corporate social responsibility. Solidarity and charity begin at home, firmly believing in this proverb we allocate a portion of our revenues to social work. Also, we consider that international trade enables to share the progress and richness between continents and countries, raising the quality of living, helping development and bringing equality within us. Hence our commitment to corporate social responsibility motivates us to double our business by working hard to provide quality products and strengthen relationships with our Clients, Suppliers, Distributors and Partners in the world and contribute to sustainable growth in the IT Industry. Our economic contribution is for social causes, initiatives and events for disadvantaged people and the environment. It is our attempt to be a responsible world citizen to preserve the culture, human values, a greener world and a better place to live.

Eco Friendly Practices and Culture

We are committed to protecting the environment, balancing commercial interests while safeguarding the environment for future generations. We have a moral commitment to protect the environment within our business. We are also aware that the environmental impact must be reduced by the efficient use of materials, water and green energy, and we put it into practice in carrying out our daily operations.

Corporate Social Commitment

Maintaining a commitment to our values means a commitment to the society around us. We believe in returning a portion of our income to society. We encourage our Business Partners to participate both through the company and personally and take an active role in this noble cause of the contributing to the society in which we live.