Strategic presence in prime business hubs through our network of avant-garde data centers across seven cities in India. All our facilities are operated according to world-class requirements, and are energy efficient and carrier neutral. The latest technology platform along with a client focused philosophy enables us to provide unique colocation services at competitive commercial terms & conditions to fulfil the current and future requirements of our clients.


Targeting our client’s
business growth

Scalable, modular and flexible colocation services meeting our client’s requirements

Uninterrupted data center services ensuring operational continuity Security and compliance meeting global best-in-class industry standards Tier III redundancy levels on physical security, power, cooling and data Carrier neutral fiber connectivity sourced from multiple operators


Physical Security

5-layer physical security and 24*7 surveillance Security Checkpoints

Main Boundary Gate Entrance
Main Lobby Entrance
Floor Lobby Entrance
Data Hall Entrance
Cage and/or Rack Access



Modular & scalable infrastructure allowing a growth as per our client’s requirement up to multi-megawatt power capacity


Long-term tenancy facilities & reliability

Long-term lease contracts on MDC facilities to guarantee our client’s business continuity and growth as per demand

Colocation Services to comply with our Clients Business requirements for Space, Power and Connectivity


Rack Rows Space

Our clients can choose the options that suits them best, as our aisle containment approach allow us to provide private spaces without the need of renting a full cage, hence having access to the highest connectivity speed, flexibility and scalability for their business, with colocation solutions specifically designed for their growth requirements. MDC provides the technical solutions allowing our clients to rely on state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.



If needed our clients can opt for upgrading to a private cage for increased security and privacy, while maintaining flexibility and efficiency. Depending on the clients deployment size and requirements we build fully secured cages with an independent access control.


Dedicated Server Suites

For our large customers we offer Dedicated Server Suites fully customizable to our client’s specifications in those cases where privacy and security are of utmost importance. Dedicated Server Suites offer a greater flexibility and options for larger space, power and cooling requirements, therefore differentiating our client’s hardware from the rest of the facility with independent managed security features and access controls.


Built-to-Suit Solutions

At MDC we can design and implement Built-to-Suit Solutions to match our client’s specific requirements, either on the physical security, critical equipment technical specifications or rack configurations.